Since 1993, KingSource Ltd. (Taiwan / China) has been a professional manufacturer and exporter of cosmetic packaging & containers for over 15 years. Located in Shanghai of China, we have experienced much success in Taiwan, operating with high level professionalism and reliability. As a result, our reputation has helped us become a well known supplier within Taiwan, as well as build solid business partnerships with highly esteemed cosmetic brands from USA & Europe. KingSource manufactures its own products, ensuring top quality from the initial steps to the final product. However, our success is not only due to top quality, but also due to KingSource,s dedicated OEM / ODM teams ready to meet with clients, allowing us to more effectively meet each requirement desired by our clients. Consider KingSource, as we are confident that future clients will experience the many benefits and advantages of a business partnership with us. If you have any questions, require further details, or have any comments or concerns, please inquire by contacting us, as we are certain KingSource is the partnership you have been searching for .
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